This is Make & Mend, which is mainly Tim Godwin, graphic designer, art director and creative.
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Make & Mend
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I’m Tim Godwin, and I’ve been working as a problem solving designer and art director for 15 years. I have specialised in effective visual communication for businesses and organisations which have ethical and social responsibility built into what they do, as I believe those of us working in visual communication should take responsibility for what they communicate.

I’ve a strong visual skill set and a passion for typography and solving problems. I enjoy producing design for print but have a wide set of digital skills across web design & development, and digital architecture planning. I have also produced events, designed strategies, developed software and produced video content. I’m also a musician, printmaker and bicycle mechanic & advocate.

I work through Make & Mend, Good Shout Studio and more recently with Think & Thing.

Within the renewable energy and cleantech sector I’ve produced branding, identities and asset development for Solarcentury, We Support Solar, Solar Aid, The Global Off-Grid Lighting association, Dukosi, Abundance Generation, Futurepump, Planet Solar and many other start ups and businesses. I’ve also worked with many campaigning organisations, such as Sustrans, Move your Money and Julies Bicycle, developing branding, assets, ideas and toolkits to enable social change. I’ve also produced work for innovative and interesting startups, across the service sector and the music industry.


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